Avocado Dip -Simple and Delicious!!! 2 avocado's,1 teas. sour cream, 1/8 teas. sea salt, 3/4 cup Y'Salsa (use Hot Salsa, Medium, or Bean), 1 TB chopped red or white onion or green pepper, 3 shakes of pepper,

Peel avocado, remove stone, mash w/fork, add sour cream, salt and onions or peppers, and shakes of pepper. Put in bowl on one side, salsa on other side. Use chips to dip in avocado first, then salsa to top. MMMM good. Eat till gone.


Hot Pepper Spread-great hot spread to use in place of mayo on sandwiches, or just with pita chips. yum yum..

2 Tbs. finely diced red onion, 8 oz cream cheese, 1/3 cup juice from Y'So Hot Peppers, 3 peppers from jar of peppers(cut with scissors) in pieces, Fresh diced jalepeno or habanero, sea salt to taste, black pepper to taste.

Mash all ingredients into cream cheese until smooth. Let sit 2 hrs for full flavor. Enjoy.








8oz.  Salsa- Bean-Raspberry-Hot
Relish- Regular & Hot

16oz.  Salsa-Bean-Raspberry-Hot-Medium-Blueberry

Relish- Regular & Hot
Dill Pickles- Regular & Hot
Dilly Beans-Hot

Hot Pickled Peppers

26ozSalsa- Bean & Medium

32 oz. Salsa- Hot & Medium
Dill Pickles- Regular & Hot

All products are preserved with apple cider vinegar, No MSG, no corn syrup. All products can remain on shelf till opened up to 2 years. When opened, refrigerate for 3-4 months. Also have recipes and suggestions for use of product on lid of jars. Produce comes from local farmers, fresh from field to kitchen.  Use organic spices in all products, and sea salt. My product is just full of flavor.

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