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This great culinary delight all started with a recipe handed down to me from a special family member.

I changed a few ingredients to improve flavor & taste and was making the salsa for family & friends.

When invited to parties or get-togethers, I was always asked that I bring the salsa: and an extra jar for the host. After many years of making my salsa for entertaining only, a close friend strongly recommended I should go public with my creation.

So in 2006, I started putting my plan together. I would pick my own tomatoes, onions & peppers at their freshest peak from local farmers. Only “organic” garlic, oregano & chili powder-no chemicals. Then finish off with natural apple cider vinegar. A two day process of picking, preparing, chopping, cooking, and canning into jars, then I had to pack, label & distribute my product…

This was all the start of my desire to process products that tasted homemade, so I needed a unique name that people would remember. With the help of my husband, we came up with putting a “Y” in front of all my products to represent my first name, Yvonne. As of now I have Y’Salsa, Y’Relish, Y”Dilly Pickles,& Y”Dilly Beans. Right now I don’t have any plan on a new product, but you never know when I change my mind. I love the flavor of all my products and put lots of love and hard work into the production of my canned goods. With all this work, there is a reward. It’s the smile on my customer’s face as they enjoy my products…and make a purchase. Take a chance to taste any of my products, but beware, it can be addicting!

Make sure you check the vendor/market page on my upcoming events so I can meet you personally and you can try my product right there. I always love hearing what you think of my product or suggestions you may have for me.


“My favorite is the bean. I requested it for Christmas to take back to college with me.”
-Alaina from Clintonville.

“This Salsa has got great taste, it can be addicting!!!”
-Vince from Oneida

“I’m not a fan of relish but Y’Relish changed my mind”
-Brad from Wrightstown.

“My neighbors salsa is good, but this Hot Y’Salsa is reealy good”
-Steven from De Pere

“OOOh my goodness, this is so-o-o good! I can taste all the flavors in the Y’Dilly Bean, from dill to the kick of spice.”
-Marilyn at the Shawano Market on Saturday’s.

“These Y’Dillys pickles are awesome,how big of a jar can I get?”
-Scott from Door County.


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